I am currently a student stuyding in Informations Technology. I am on my senior year of high school and plan on furthering my studying into college. I have always been interested in this field and always dreamed of working in it. I've learned many skills along the way and I feel confident in my knowledge in T.T..


Isael Jimenez

Objective: I am looking for a job in which I can further some skills I have been studying and learning in I.T.. I have been studying information's technology for about 4 years now and have managed to learn a few things because of that.

Education Bullard Havens Technical High School


I.T. Field

Technical Skills: Operating Systems Microsoft Windows 10

Networks: Configuration, Servers, Routers

Programming Languages: HTML

Hardware: Assembly, Maintenance, Printers, Drivers, Troubleshooting

Certifications: Microsoft Excel Windows Operating System Fundamentals

Languages: English Spanish

General Skills: Time Management Communication Teamwork Problem Solving Leadership


After graduating from high school I plan on attending a college to better my knowledge in the I.T. field and begin studying game design. It has always been my dream to work in the gaming industry and I plan to follow that. I plan to attened for four years in order to earn my bachelors degree. This is gonna be a long proccess, but I'm completely fine with it.

Connecticut, US
Phone: (203)111-1111
Email: email@something.com